Dear Customer,


You are well aware that the coronavirus has spread around the world causing lockdowns in various countries. Thankfully, there is no officially recorded case of infection in Tajikistan. Meanwhile, we are aware that some organizations have taken various precautions and many people have started working from home.


For your convenience, you can carry out various banking transactions without having to visit the Bank. Some of the facilities are listed below: – various payment services including payments for utilities, mobile and internet.

Korti Oson – receiving remittances, card to card transfers, making payments in shops and online services.

Payment terminals – loan repayments, payments for utilities and other payments.

ChatBot – online consulting through Viber, applying online for opening cards and deposit accounts, loan request, transferring the remittances to cards and other banking services.


You can also use our ATMs for cash withdrawals. Our ATMs are located in the following addresses:



Dushanbe, Hilton Hotel

Dushanbe, st. Rudaki 14, Serena

Dushanbe, st. Rudaki 96

Dushanbe, st. Rudaki 137

Dushanbe, 113 Shevchenko St.

Dushanbe, st. Firdavsi 1 61/1

Dushanbe, st. N. Mahsum 71/1

Dushanbe, shopping center Sitora

Dushanbe, st. Pushkin 10, GO



Khujand, st. I. Somoni 44

Khujand, st. I. Somoni 5A



Khorog, Lenin 62, MSDSP

Khorog, Lenin 126, UCA

Khorog, Lenin 158/1

Khorog, K. Imatshoev 50/1



Kurgan Tube, st. Mirzokodirova 4A

Kulyab, st. Tomina 1



Rasht, st. I. Somoni 73

Dear Customer, – The First MicroFinanceBank of Tajikistan