Online Banking

FMFB offers its customers the following Internet Banking services, which enable the customer to manage their accounts online 24/7.

For Corporate Customers – click here

FMFB offers an online, secure and most up-to-date internet banking service for its corporate customers.  Corporate customers can sign-up for this service through any FMFB Branch.

With FMFB Internet Banking, the customer can remotely perform the following transactions

  • Generate account statements and checking account balance
  • Transfer Money within the FMFB network
  • Transfer Money to other banks of Tajikistan in TJS
  • Transfer Money to other banks overseas in foreign currencies, such as USD, EUR, and RUR

For Individual Bank Cardholders of FMFB – click here

The FMFB Bank Card Internet Banking service of FMFB is offered through the online platform managed by the National Processing Center of Korti Milli.  This service enables Cardholders to

  • Generate account statements and check account balance
  • Transfer money to any cards within the Korti Milli Network

Please contact our nearest Branch or BSC to fill in the request form and sign the agreement for connecting to the Internet Banking service of FMFB. The service will be activated for you in two working days upon receiving the request form and signed agreement. You will be charged for the service according to the prevailing tariffs of FMFB.

  • SMS Notifications

FMFB provides all its customers with SMS Notifications for the following banking services:

SMS Notification (Automatic)

  • on loan repayments
  • on late repayments
  • on loan outstanding balances at the end of each month
  • on Deposit Debit transactions
  • on Deposit outstanding balance at the end of each month
  • on all transactions with Cards

SMS Inquiry service (Customer-initiated requests)

  • for receiving balance information on deposits, cards and loans,
  • for getting a mini-accounts statement on cards
  • for blocking a card in case of emergencies

For connecting to our SMS services please contact our nearest Branch or BSC and fill a request for SMS service. The bank will connect you to our SMS service within one working day upon receiving your request


SMS Banking Commands:

Bank Card Transactions (It is necessary to send commands in the form of SMS to the number: 987111515

**** – 4 last digits of the card number):

active ****(Unlock card)

deactive ****(Lock card)

balance ****(Balance)

notifyon ****(Switch on notification)

notifyoff ****(Switch off notification)

rate ****(Currency Rate)

command ****(Commands)


Operations with loans and deposits (It is necessary to send commands in the form of SMS to the number: 987111515):

loan – Loan balance

ins – monthly payment

bal – deposit account balance