Online payment services from The First MicroFinanceBank


The First Microfinance Bank is pleased to announce the introduction of a new online payment service. Now, all holders of the “Korti Milli” of National Payment System card can pay utility bills, replenish mobile accounts and transfer funds between cards in real time 24/7. Also, they can apply for a money transfer to their cards, including Oson card (Korti Oson).

The First Microfinance Bank offers non-cash transfers via cards absolutely FREE. In addition, customers can replenish mobile accounts of such operators as Tcell, Babilon, Beeline, and Megafone in real time, pay utility bills and transfer money from one card to another card of the “Korti Milli of National Payment System “cards.

The Bank plans to launch a loan repayment service, as well as create a personal account for registering a client in order to simplify the payment process and carry on money transfers. “Now you don’t need to withdraw cash to replenish your mobile account and pay for services, but simply visit  from a computer or a smartphone,” said Amid Tashrifbekov, Head of Banking Services department.

FMFB provides a full range of banking services through its nationwide network of 7 branches and 30 banking service centers. The network covers all regions of Tajikistan, including remote parts of the country, where the presence of other financial intermediaries is limited.

Online payment services from The First MicroFinanceBank – The First MicroFinanceBank of Tajikistan