Winners of the contest “Best Loan Officers 2018”


The Best Loan Officers for 2018 are the following contestants:

# SME Loan Officers
1 Jamshed Azizov, Bokhtar
2 Khushbakht Akimbekov, Sino
3 Akmal Homidov, Khujand
4 Zebunisso Narzikulov, Dushanbe

#MF Loan Officers
1 Zandzhirbek Mamadsakhiev, Khorog
2 Donish Sadonshoev, Bokhtar
3 Burkhoniddin Sadulloev, Dushanbe
4 Sherzod Rakhimov, Sino

Please accept our sincere congratulations! Thank you for your loyalty to your profession and striving for the quality results, for your work makes the lives of millions of people better. We wish you and your families prosperity and good mood.

The team of First MicroFinanceBank

Winners of the contest “Best Loan Officers 2018” – The First MicroFinanceBank of Tajikistan