CJSC “The First MicroFinanceBank” Tajikistan is re-announcing a tender on Job Evaluation/grading and Salary  review and requesting from all interested parties to submit their bids as per below requirements:

The First MicroFinance Bank wishes to invite reputable Human Resources and Training Consultants, registered in Tajikistan, with relevant experience in personnel remuneration systems, human resources management, and performance measurement to submit proposals for:

The Review of the existing Job Evaluation/ Grading and Salary/Wages Review System and conduct a comparative market related study of a performance-based job evaluation system.

The management of the Bank wishes to hire a consultant to start working on this assignment as soon as possible so that the recommendations may be considered for implementation at the mid of the financial year (2023) or at the beginning of the FY year 2024. In order to carry out its functions, the selected consultant shall be authorized to:

  1. Project Planning, Communication, and Data Gathering
  2. Collect and review any documents relevant to this exercise from within and outside the FMFB.
  3. Conduct interviews with staff members (individually or in groups), the Heads of Departments and the employee representatives.
  4. Receive oral or written submissions from any of the persons/officers named above.
  5. Job Grading method
  6. Recommend the implementation of the recommendations of the report in a manner practical and affordable to the FMFB, taking into consideration its financial position.
  7. Provide recommendations to the FMFB to take the most appropriate method for the Bank and the institution.
  • Capturing and Analyzing Current Job Content and scope of work done by each employee of the Bank
  1. Provide training session on «How to draft useful job description and specification” and recommend Job Description template according to the chosen Job Grading method.
  2. Create a Career Development map.
  3. Provide training session «Developing Career map» and Career map template according to the chosen Job Grading method.
  4. Conduct Job Evaluation
  5. Provide an overview and training of “Job Evaluation” in the job evaluation process to the Core Group on Job Evaluation.
  6. Developing a Grading system
  7. Developing KPIs for sale team and align the KPIs with the grading system
  • Collect and Analyze Market Compensation Data
  1. Consult other organizations providing similar services in the region and or locally. Consult any available documents or sources of information to make its task easy.
  2. Develop basic salary table (salary band adjustment compared with market salary ranges).
  • Developing a Reward Philosophy
  1. Recommendations and Reporting
  2. Transition and Implementation Planning


Some of the expected outputs are the following: –

The Consultant should provide a policy that would be used to determine remuneration, its composition, the methodology used to determine the structure and its applications.

The purpose of this exercise is produce a fair and equitable grading system and pay structure for all positions and to appoint a service provider to provide a thorough and comprehensive job evaluation exercise for the First MicroFinanceBank; Review the existing job grading methodology and provide adjustments where necessary;  Train selected employees on the selected job evaluation system/methodology; Evaluate and develop a comprehensive job classification and provide with a fair and acceptable grading structure for the organization that is in line with the one program strategy; Conduct a salary survey benchmarking the overall Banking sector operating within Tajikistan; Help FMFB to develop a balance salary structure that will make it competitive for the job market; Make presentations to Management and staff when required.

The consultancy will continue until the management has accepted the final report, which report shall be submitted within eight (12) weeks from the commencement date.

Interested parties should send a request for registration (free text) to email address specified below, confirmation-reply to letter will be sent back within 2 hours to interested part. After registration, participants can send question or any inquiry about the tender.

The commercial proposal should be brought in a sealed envelope to the address st. Pushkin 10, Dist. I. Somoni, Dushanbe (the electronic version of the proposal should include all related documents).

Commercial offers can be also accepted by email and the file must be archived and protected with a password (the password can be shared on the day of review of the offers to mobile number +992 938844373 of IT Risk Manager). The date of consideration of proposals will be notified by mail.

Deadline for submitting offers is June 22 2023.

Contact: +992 2-28-93-11; +992 93-588-81-09; procurement@fmfb.com.tj

The First MicroFinanceBank of Tajikistan