Visiting our bank


On September 28th, a delegation from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) visited the soon-to-open new branch building in the Shohmansur district of Dushanbe city, known as the Shevchenko branch office. The delegation included Mr Francis Malige, Managing Director of Financial Institutions at the EBRD, and Ms Maya Hennerkes, Director for Green Financial Systems at the Climate Strategy and Delivery Department at the EBRD, along with other EBRD representatives.

Upon their arrival, the delegation was warmly welcomed by the Bank’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr Mirzosafar Safarov and Heads of the Bank’s departments. They were given a tour of the branch’s modern facilities, showcasing implementation of the industry’s latest technologies in the branch.

During the visit, Mr Francis Malige took the opportunity to sign the bank’s guestbook located in the guest office. He expressed his delight with the achieved progress and growth prospects of the new branch office.

Visiting our bank – The First MicroFinanceBank of Tajikistan