These products are offered to a wide range of small and medium-sized enterprises, farmers and employees of public institutions and private companies.

Credit products” goods on credit ” are designed to fulfil various customer needs, such as the purchase of consumer goods and payment of service charges.

To get loan product tariffs, please use the following link: tariffs

Minimum amount: 20 US dollars and the equivalent in Tajik somoni

Maximum amount: 2,000 US dollars and the equivalent in Tajik somoni 

Currency:  US dollar and Tajik somoni  

Minimum term: 3 months

Maximum term: 18 months 

Grace period on principal repayment: Not stipulate     

Borrower’s contribution: Not required 

Guarantor: Not required 

Collateral: According to the schedule of collateral requirements

Loan interest: 0%

Service charge: The service fee is determined in accordance with the contract with each vendor

Method of loan repayment: Monthly equal payments – annuity payment 

Full early loan repayment or partial prepayment: Authorised without penalty upon written application

Method of calculation of penalty for late payment of loan: 0.3% for each day of delay. The penalty is calculated on the unpaid principal amount of the debt

Additional information:

  1. The effective annual interest rate is calculated individually for each loan;
  2. In case of incomplete payment of the loan, compulsory collection of the loan shall be established.