Term Deposits

Term deposits are offered to all legal entities and allow them to earn high rates of interest on their free business resources. Funds can be put aside for a variety of durations depending on the needs of the client.

For information about banking tariffs on this product, please see the table.


  • Deposit is accepted both in national and foreign currencies;
  • Deposit is accepted both in cash and non-cash forms;
  • The minimum amount of initial contribution to deposit in national currency -50 000 somoni, in foreign currencies: 10 000- $/€;
  • The additional contribution to the deposited amount is not allowed;

List of required documents:  

  • Request form and questionnaire for opening a bank account (bank’s form);
  • Bank account agreement (bank’s template)
  • Signature card (bank’s form);
  • Copies of passports of all Signatories;
  • Certificate on state registration and statement for unique state journal;
  • Informational letter from tax and Tax Identifying Number;


  • Secure your money at a well-respected and safe local bank with strong, internationally respected shareholders;
  • Earn high interest to grow your excess business resources;
  • Automatic transfer of your funds into your current account upon maturity of your term deposit;