Loan product “Donish”

Loan purpose

To contribute to the high quality of education in Tajikistan by providing access to affordable finance. The Education loan product “Donish” targets all creditworthy customers all over Tajikistan who need an affordable loan to pay the annual tuition fees of their children or closest relatives who are studying or got an admission at schools or universities/institutions.

For information about banking tariffs on this product, please see the table here


  • Loan amount: up to 20,000 TJS;
  • Maturity: up to 12 months;
  • Currency: only in TJS;
  • Grace period: 1 month;

Loan security

  • Up to 20,000 TJS without collateral and guarantor;

Special discount

  • 1% discount is given to high achiever students passing all exams with five grades.
  • Also, for students with finance, banking or IT background that used this product will have an opportunity to have an internship at FMFB branches or HO relevant departments.
  • Only for this product a remittances income either for the Borrower or Guarantor is considered as source of income for the loan repayment. To check to remittances income, the last 3 sequence remittances payment should be provided.