Individual Card


Individual Bank cards allow you to easily access your account, transfer money and withdraw cash at any ATM or POS terminal within the FMFB and Korti Milli (National Payment System) Network.

These cards can also be used to make payments for goods and services at several stores all over Tajikistan. 

Quick Facts

Currency of Cards TJS, USD, EUR, and RUR
Network “Korti Milli” (Cards of Tajikistan’s National Payment System)
Minimum balance n/a
Maximum balance n/a
Cash Withdrawals  Any FMFB-T Service Outlet
Any ATM or POS terminal within the “Korti Milli” Network nation-wide
Method of Card Account Replenishment Funds can be added to cards through cash and non-cash methods:
Any FMFB Service Outlet
Any FMFB Cash-in TerminalNon-Cash
Money transfer from another FMFB account (online or at FMFB service outlet)
Money transfer from another bank
Services Offered for Bank Cards Cash Withdrawal
Free payments for the purchase of goods and services all over Tajikistan
Balance Enquiry via ATMs, POS terminals or Online
Mini statement account via ATMs or Online
Person-to-Person Money Transfer via ATMs or Online
SMS Notifications
How to Access Online Banking Refer to the Online Banking section of Bank
Tariffs See Tariffs Page for further details


  • Easy to Apply – FMFB is one of the quickest at issuing bank cards
  • Convenient – funds can be easily withdrawn from any FMFB service point as well as any of the ATMs within the Korti Milli network
  • Affordable – using Korti Milli Cards at ATMs is cheaper than VISA and Master Card (eg. for 100 TJS cash withdrawal, the fee is 1 TJS with KM cards vs. 18 TJS with VISA)
  • Easy Money Transfer – online banking allows you to easily transfer money from your card account to those of your loved ones anywhere in Tajikistan, free of charge!
  • Currency Flexibility – Card accounts can be opened in TJS, USD, EUR or RUR
  • Free Payments – free payments using bank cards reduce the need to carry cash.


Documents for opening a card account

Card accounts can be opened at any FMFB branch or banking service center.
Clients should bring with them the following documents:
Copy of a valid passport