The authorized capital of the Bank is TJS 93,340,000. The First MicroFinanceBank’s Shareholders are key partners in supporting the Bank’s growth. In addition to direct equity, many shareholders offer bank loans and grants for technical assistance and capacity building.

The Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development (AKFED) is an international development agency dedicated to promoting entrepreneurship and building economically sound enterprises in the developing world. AKFED often works in parts of the world that lack sufficient foreign direct investment. Working as a network of affiliates, with over 90 separate project companies employing over 55,000 people. For more than 75 years, AKFED has made investments and operated companies in Africa and South and Central Asia with industry, tourism, and financial services projects and is active in 18 countries in the developing world. AKFED holds 56561 ordinary shares for TJS 56,561,000 (60.60%) in CJSC “The First MicrofinanceBank.”

Shareholder since 2015

Aga Khan Agency for Microfinance. (AKAM). The underlying objectives of AKAM are to reduce poverty, diminish the vulnerability of poor populations and alleviate economic and social exclusion. In addition, AKAM aims to improve the quality of life of people by helping them to improve their incomes, become self-reliant and gain the skills needed to graduate into the mainstream financial markets. AKAM has 21390 ordinary shares of TJS 21,390,000 (33.77%) in CJSC “The First MicrofinanceBank”.

Shareholder since 2007

The Aga Khan Foundation was established in 1967 in Geneva, Switzerland. AKF is an international development agency with branches, affiliates, and representative offices in 20 countries. In Tajikistan, AKF has been active since 1993, when a response was mounted in Gorno-Badakshan to address food shortages caused by the collapse of the Soviet Union. In parallel with this emergency program, AKF initiated a rural development program to contribute to poverty alleviation in the program areas. In addition, programs for reform in the social sector (Health and Education) were introduced in 1994. The Aga Khan Foundation has 5263 ordinary shares worth TJS 5,263,000 (5.63%) in CJSC “The First MicrofinanceBank.”

Shareholder since 2003